Dudes 4: The Power Cosmic

Diablarizing Antediluvians, punching ancient demons in the face, and witnessing the exaltation of horrifying multi-souled abominations.
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Dudes 4: The Power Cosmic

Postby rydi » Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:41 pm

This iteration of Dudes builds on previous continuity and expands the playing field, exploring greater threats and calling on a new caste of empowered Dudes to unite legendary heroes against the beings that threaten the fundamental existence of reality.

-Only three supernatural types are allowed for primary supernatural types: Exalts, Novas, and Scions. Pick one, build a character accordingly. Power stat caps at 4 at character creation. Others may be chosen with the Hybrid option.
-Pick any two Legendary Templates. If you choose Hybrid, you may pick one of the greater supernatural types from WoD (critters with a power stat: vamp, mage, etc.) or you can be a dual exalt, Scion of two pantheons, or psiad/nova/daredevil. You can also have lesser templates if you pick appropriate Legendary Templates (See "Dudes of Legend" thread for full list). You cannot mix the three primary types (for example, an exalt/nova hybrid is not allowed).
-Spend 35 xp as normal for Dudes.
-Build an appropriately epic backstory, but said backstory should not involve being John Rambo as a Dawn Caste Solar Exalt. You might work to make the story fit with the greater world of darkness metaplot, if possible.
-Abilities/Skills work differenter: See Below

Skills were condensed to make something semi-cohesive. The following is the list of Ability/Skills breakdowns as well as how they condense:

Solar/Abyssal Set:
Dawn/Dusk: Marksmanship, Martial Arts, Melee, Control
Zenith/Midnight: Integrity, Presence, Resistance, Survival
Twilight: Academics, Engineering, Medicine, Occult
Night/Day: Athletics, Investigation, Larceny, Stealth
Eclipse/Moonshadow: Bureaucracy, Awareness, Expression, Socialize

Sidereal Set:
Journeys: Control, Marksmanship, Resistance, Survival
Serenity: Athletics, Engineering, Expression, Socialize
Battle: Awareness, Melee, Integrity, Presence
Secrets: Academics, Investigation, Larceny, Occult
Endings: Bureaucracy, Martial Arts, Medicine, Stealth

Lunars and Mental/Physical/Social Set:
Mental: Academics, Engineering, Medicine, Occult, Survival, Investigation, Awareness
Physical: Marksmanship, Martial Arts, Melee, Control, Resistance, Athletics, Stealth
Social: Presence, Integrity, Bureaucracy, Expression, Socialize, Larceny

T/S/K Set:
Talents: Athletics, Awareness, Socialize, Integrity, Martial Arts, Presence, Resistance
Skills: Control, Expression, Larceny, Marksmanship, Melee, Stealth, Survival
Knowledges: Academics, Bureaucracy, Engineering, Investigation, Medicine, Occult

Merged Skills:
Marksmanship includes Firearms, Thrown, and Archery
Martial Arts includes Brawl
Presence includes Command, Interrogation, and Style
Resistance includes Endurance and Fortitude
Engineering includes Craft
Academics includes Lore, Science, and Computers
Athletics includes Dodge and Might
Bureaucracy includes Politics and Biz
Control includes Drive, Ride, Sail, and Pilot
Expression includes Performance and Art
Socialize includes Linguistics, Etiquette, Rapport, and Streetwise
Larceny includes Intrusion and Legerdemain
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Postby Avilister » Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:09 pm

My concept is for she who will become Dude-amus Prime - a hybrid Zenith Caste Solar/Orichalcum Caste Alchemical Exalt who begins life as dangerous school girl Holly Bell. Through trials and tribulations, and the use of the Matrix of Leadership somewhere beyond Essence 5, she'll light the darkest hour and have a truck-ass to show for it.

Mechanically, I'm sort of looking at Solar Hero Style for her fighting stuff, mostly because a lot of the Ink Monkeys expansions for the style lend themselves well to over-the-top Dudes-style cinematic action.

I think Holly Bell (the dangerous schoolgirl) was probably captain of the Judo club or something
[12:31:13 AM] Steven Ferguson: definately in a club based on fighting, but not fight club
[12:31:20 AM] Steven Ferguson: and probably the captain/president of that club
[12:31:30 AM] Steven Ferguson: to demeonstrate solar-grade leadership qualities
[12:34:26 AM] Steven Ferguson: she gained access to her dual exaltations during a school field trip to an industrial plant run by some company that had a sinister alter-ego LLC or something which was researching a new super-soldier technology. She moves to save someone from an industrial accident (probably with a sweet judo throw) and gains access to her Solar Exaltation even as she is throw into machinery which implants a soul gem into her forehead and grants Alchemical Exaltation (assuming alchemicals work as in the Modern shard since there are no vats and no people constructing clay bodies with magical material exoskeletons)
[12:35:03 AM] Steven Ferguson: Now she's on the run from EvilCorp/Pentex (a limited liability company) even as she has to cram for this next test and state championships are like NEXT WEEK
[12:35:05 AM] Steven Ferguson: ugh!

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Re: Dudes 4: The Power Cosmic

Postby Amseriah » Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:18 pm

My concept (I know that this game is a long way off) is Patrick Dark (my mage in Jason's mage game) freshly ascended from his poor mortal existence. He has become the true master of Time and Space, and will eventually be he who founded the Brotherhood of the Demonwind and crafter of Oboru-Muramasa.
Template/s: Nova and possibly Infernal
Archetypes basically undecided but narrowed down to: Eternal Warrior, Hybrid, Evolved, Martial Artist, Rogue, and Stranger

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Re: Dudes 4: The Power Cosmic

Postby rydi » Tue Feb 09, 2016 12:39 am

Updated base rules for the game to reflect recent conversations and evolution of ideas.

Nova infernal is not allowed, nor was it in the initial rules. That said, Nova/Mage is viable, or Infernal/Vampire, or Gypsy/Mummy/Scion, or whatever other weird combos of cosmic template/greater template/lesser template you would like to select from.
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