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Re: [NSFW] Video Game Design Blog

Postby Rusty » Sat Feb 21, 2015 8:41 pm

I have finally been able to get the "ball in capsule" mechanism to work fairly well in the test project. At this point, I'm going to move my attention to hair until I'm happy with it. Once that is done, clothing, then I'm going to branch off the female model into the male, then start laying in shape keys, then go into rigging and animation, and then we'll be ready to revisit "Rowdy," the iconic stray, after which point we'll be doing a major export to Unity and setting up the key elements of the tech demo.

I've saved up enough PTO right now for a week off, by the time I'm ready for my major export it should be at least two. I plan to actually use all this time to do exactly that. Just getting the assets moved over and working is a major project, and once they are moved over getting their animations tweaked and usable will take a lot of back and forth. Then once that's done, there's setting up the terrain, building shaders, managing draw calls, all that kind of thing.

That will, however, be one of the signals that we're getting really close to kickstarter.

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Re: [NSFW] Video Game Design Blog

Postby Rusty » Sun Mar 08, 2015 5:06 am

Okay, so, Rydi pitched his idea to me, and I've discussed it with Mrs. Rusty, and we're going to do a real attempt at it.

I've done my market research, and "breast game" and "breast simulator" turn up diddly squat as far as what we're talking about is concerned.

Interestingly, my research did turn up this article: http://kotaku.com/how-video-game-breasts-are-made-and-why-they-can-go-so-1687753475 which discusses the state of breast physics in the industry. Even more interestingly, the solutions for breast physics that the author discusses, which create the 'uncanny valley effect' and are the problem the article is about, do not include the solution I have come up with that I have outlined in this thread. My solution is a hybrid of the method that 3d games use which comes out poorly and the method that 2d games use which comes out well.

The proposal is worth following through for us because it's on the way to where we're going anyway. Strays has huge, huge potential. It appeals to some of the most popular genres of games in the industry right now (gritty survival, which is saturated with wilderness/zombie, but refreshes the genre with animal, urban, and social elements combined,) and appeals to entire demographics of people that typically only play casual games or generally don't play video games, and has a social agenda, which makes it the kind of game that talking heads talk about, which gives it broad market exposure. It's the kind of game that Scott Manley and Ben Croshaw will play and then talk about, even if they hate it, and then their fans will buy it and play it and love it or hate it. It has anti-DRM movement elements to it, which appeals to the millions of people that boycotted SPORE, some of whom may buy it for the same reason that they refused to buy or play SPORE. I digress. Strays is important to me, it's a good concept, and has huge commercial potential. Breast simulator....also has huge...bouncing...commercial potential.

I'm writing a game design document for this project which I hope can guide me to a quick completion. The only thing I'm missing is NGUI which I can afford and some sound assets, which I can also afford. I may also need an in-game purchase solution, there are several, I might see if I can find a reliable one that I like.

I'm generally not for microtransactions, I feel like they cheapen a game experience and make the original purchase price a lie. In this case, I feel like fair is fair. Here's the schedule I'm looking at for costs, distribution, and so on.

Free copy is interactive breasts with a bra or bikini on. So everything's covered. Maybe.
Pay to unlock nakedness, basic modifications to size and skin tone, and a few scenes of your choice.
In game/app store to continue to unlock additional settings, scenes, activities, and so on.

I think the base paid copy should be $5, and additional unlocks $1 each. (Because you can't tuck .99 cents into a g-string.)

I think BitBundle might be the right platform to distribute on. It's a fairly new phenomenon, so it hasn't been torn apart by bullshit yet. Actual deployment of a game like this is something I hadn't put much investigation into before. It's too brazen to really expect Steam to carry it, though they might. We can attempt a Greenlight campaign, but to be honest I don't expect Gabe Newell to like this. The game is cheap enough that kids could sell off some game trading cards to get it. Also, who would want to have their status showing that they are "now playing Breast Simulator"?

Amazon might allow it. Maybe. Their digital downloads do have to go through an approval process. It may have to see the ESRB to sell through Amazon as well, and they would have a chance to give it that dreaded Adults Only rating, which they reserve for things that piss them off, like gratuitous nudity for it's own sake ( and pubes. But not games that involve driving a drill press through someone's face (Punisher) or breaking a small child's neck (Dying Light) or having interactive sex (Heavy Rain.) Most of the time, when they give a game AO, it goes back to the publisher who makes the suggested edits in order to get the M rating. The removed the Castration sequence from Punisher in order to get the M rating. There's not much to remove from Breast Simulator.

Here's a list of possible scenes, settings, and features to have in the transaction store. These are too much to offer all for 1.98. Maybe make the very most basic thing 1.98 and then add from there.

Extended range of cup and chest sizes (they are not the same thing.) This part could be educational. Read this as "extended breast settings."
Non-athletic body types. Not everyone is fit as a fiddle.

Logo shirts and "clothing" (buy a shirt with a place for a logo, add your own logo. This circumvents copyright infringement exposure and makes the purchase more valuable.)
Sexy Uniforms

Just stand there. You're beautiful. (Default) Oblique and fill lighting.

Laying out in the sun. Several possible scenarios such as on the sand, on a towel, the sea washing in, on a chair, these should be adjustable. Add suntan lotion as a scene specific interaction.

Jogging on a treadmill. Staring at someone's breasts while they do this is forbidden. You can still interact while they do this, which is weird, but also even more difficult and forbidden.

Swimming. Both underwater and in a hot tub.

Soapy bath. Getting bubbles right might be difficult.

Steamy shower. Press them up against the glass.

Stripper pole. The character model is animated and does a stripper routine. You can remove the garment she's wearing and interact as usual, the camera remains, as usual, locked in perfect view, but the model and the camera move together. This one demonstrates a lot of the physics and would push a mobile device pretty hard.

Bedside manner. A sexy nurse outfit. Stethoscope included.

Riding Dirty. From the drivers seat of a vehicle, at night, with the window rolled down, a sexy cop asks if you know why she pulled you over. It' so that you can play with her breasts.

Orbit. Apollo,Soyuz,ISS style space suit, which can be removed to interact with breasts in zero gravity. You always wanted to.

Squeaky bed. There are movements the body makes on a bed that cause unique responses in the female breasts. Two iconic poses come to mind. They should both be options here. No sound other than a squeaky spring is needed.

Catwalk. Like the stripper pole, here the model is doing a lot more moving than in other scenes, though much less acrobatically. She walks down the catwalk, turns left, turns right, and returns, and repeats.

Non-garment things, like piercings, glitter, body paint, oil, liquids like milk or water, should generally be included either in the base game or in the scene they're needed in.

Alternate model types:
Uni-boob, triple-boob, and twins. Uni-boob is just $1. Twins is $4, and their skin types are identical (Same shader settings.)

Clothing designs could be a source of continued expansion in the internal store.

So, the very basic game would be "just stand there" for $2. Or not. Gah. I haven't decided. BitBundle has exposure to over 100 million users, I think their last count was 170 million. A lot of them use the same software for porn, so it's not a terrible group to target.

I'd like at least 10% of gross to go towards breast cancer research. This is very, very important. We need the icon for the game to be a pink ribbon.

With the frame only having the one character in it, and the background being mostly out of focus, there's a lot of room for detail. Also, the breasts need to be as realistic as possible, since they're the ENTIRE POINT.

Mobile deployment would have a similar set of features, with some potentially unique ones, such as "thermoboobs," using temperature data from smart phones to affect the breast appearances.

One thing I'd like to include in the free game and up is an "anatomy" mode, which explains and visualizes the anatomy of healthy breasts, and shows where and how breast cancer appears, and how to check for it yourself. Why? Because I like breasts. And the fact that breasts kill people is just...just terrible. It's the worst. Well, maybe not the very worst thing in the world, that's probably something else. But it's really really terrible. It's badong.

No breast pictures today. I have work to do.

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Re: [NSFW] Video Game Design Blog

Postby Rusty » Mon Mar 16, 2015 2:04 am

Ok, progress report time.

I've got a simulation going that I'm pretty happy with, as far as responsiveness to external physics is concerned.

I had originally hoped to use the shape key response method I had built for Strays and other projects, which is very easy on the processor and very much my own creation. Unfortunately, it doesn't provide enough interactivity as it currently sits. I *could* build all that interactivity, but there is a fairly acceptable set of simulation tools available that nobody uses in Unity because they are processor intensive and most games have too much going on to use intensive physics calculations for what those simulation elements are for. I've subverted them to our purposes with fairly satisfactory results. I have recorded two or three sets of configurations that we found acceptable, and I've created a test environment in which the most probable configuration is in place with a low quality "test boob" on a pole, and a player controllable ball to interact with it. Screenshot here:


I have a build for windows and a build for mac ready to transfer, and could build one for Linux if need be.

This should run fine on everyone's computers, laptops included.

It's not set up for tablets or touch interfaces, since it uses the w, a, s, d, and space bar keys to move the ball, and the mouse to look around.

Few things. It's a low polygon count model that I literally took off of the model I was working on for Strays. So when it deforms, it won't deform "realistically," i.e.: there will be hard edges visible, including a ring around the nipple.

If you hit the breast moving too fast, you'll notice that it has a weird effect where part of it sticks to the ball and then snaps back into place. I'm not sure what this is about, but I'm not worried about it because the gameplay will not involve freely moving physics objects like this ball that can hit things that fast. I think what is happening is the physics engine is losing track of vertices because the ball is moving too fast. I could probably interact with the script governing the breast physics and increase the rate at which it's updating the physics engine. I might do that if this issue persists into the phase where we're testing gameplay. I reduced the walking speed of the FPS controller attached to the ball to try to reduce this issue, but since it's basically unrelated to the purpose of this exercise, I didn't troubleshoot it extensively tonight.

If the ball is pressed into the breast "all the way" and left there, a jittery phenomenon is observed. This is ok. The issue is that the surface is contacting the post the breast is attached to, and trying to bounce between the ball and the post. Again, like above, this is not something we're concerned with at the moment.

I would really like people to make themselves available to test this thing, and soon. What I need is responses on how the breast behaves as far as the way it settles down and the way it reacts to gentle contact. I'm looking for overall impressions.

The form of the breast is also not all that important at this time. I have a good set of references now and I'm going to get all my ducks in a row with a sculpt and setting up subsurface scattering, shape keys, and all that stuff in Blender, before doing a quality import to Unity. I might test out my shaders on this breast before finalizing things in Blender, but other than that the next time I bring something into Unity it'll be to start building a playtest version.

So here's what I need NOW. I need people to become available to receive and try out the "test breast" file. It is a self contained .exe file for Windows and is an Application folder for Mac OS X (which I know nothing about, good luck with that shit, I told Unity to build a version for Mac and then "go" and you'll get what you get.) Once you've played with it and gotten your impressions of it, delete the file, and tell me what's right and what's wrong. Also, ideas you have for what the game should include are always welcome.

I *may* make another test breast that includes a nipple hardening/softening test in order to verify that shape keys will work on the breast while it's being simulated in this way. I feel certain that they will, but until I see it happen, I have a shadow of doubt.

If LKRPG can host the files (they're between 12mb and 30 mb) and make them available to registered members only, that would be nice. I may see about a DropBox that I can link people for ease of transfer, otherwise. Sending things over skype can be unreliable and requires specific timing. This is likely not the last time I'll need people to test something.

Also I'm hungry.

Edit: I messed with a nipple hardening/relaxing shape key, and eventually managed to get it to move from the older version of Blender that I'm working in to Unity, which was harder than I expected, but now it's fixed. Good news! Using a shape key doesn't screw up the physics. It also doesn't change the shape of the collider attached to it, so it's a good thing we're doing things this way, since doing things the other way is now shown to not produce the results we would have wanted at all. Next step is working on a sculpt and trying to sort out how to get bump-map quality resolution without using a bump-map, since the simulation we're using doesn't like tangent-shading, which is what bump maps use. I wonder if we can get away with baking a geometry sculpt into a normal map? would that help? Who knows. Tits.

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Re: [NSFW] Video Game Design Blog

Postby Rusty » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:15 am

So, I went to a great deal of trouble to get the measurements of the current model before doing any sculpting.

Turns out she's a DDD, also known as an "f" cup, and her frame is too small for it.

Weeeeellll that's both inconvenient and convenient.

It means I don't really need to make a model with even BIGGER features.

It also means that the default model, if I use this one, is kinda preposterous.

But that's probably what people really want.

But that's probably something for the in-game store.

The default model should probably be a C, and you pay additional $1 or $2 or $5 for new models. Maybe. Whatever. Maybe that's for the special models only.

I kinda feel like a tool for talking about charging for cup sizes for normal humans.

Someone who is 38 DDD isn't a normal human, and they probably have back problems.

I'm going to include science fiction and fantasy models as early as possible, to try to increase interest.

It turns out that I won't be able to, at this time, provide for real time alteration of breast size. You'll have to just pick which one you want from your selection, and then activate the simulation. There is a chance that I can animate a transition between available breast sizes for a base model in real time, but I don't know how well that's going to go.

Keep in mind they only view tits and hands occasionally, but the Sci Fi and Fantasy models will include:

Elf - This is mostly a palette change and a different shader. Instead of the subsurface scattering producing blue it'll produce green, giving a naturey tint, and the skin will be emissive, making the character glow, as per Liv Tyler's scene when she approached Frodo in the throes of the Morgul blade in LOTR 1.

Mutant from Mars - This model has three breasts. They're large. She has a limited wardrobe. This isn't infringement - the idea first came up in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy long before Total Recall 1 or 2 visualized it.

Demon - Red skinned, wet looking, and on fire. The fingers terminate in black claws rather than nails.

Angel - Softer, paler, white skin, emissive as per elf, possible feather particles and rays of light.

Star Marine - Powered Armor gives way to cybernetically perfected...whatever.

Queen of the Darned - From the grasp of the children of the night is surrendered a woman clad in spiders and bone, who drinks the blood of the living. Her skin is pale and her shader has less red, and she can drink blood which drips down or spills everywhere.

Mermaid - Why the fuck not? The seashells come off. Scales visible at the base of the field of view. The scene can be above or below water, and the model can swim or remain still. Perhaps fish swim by once in a while and are gobbled up.

Centaur - Similar to mermaid, but with horse body visible below and behind. Gallops around a forest scene. It rains.

Silver Snowboarder - Is this infringement? I don't know. If it's not, then a silver slick skinned space person in space.

Faerie - With wings of gossamer, this creature flits about a comparatively huge plant. In the scene, the plant is actually huge, in order to keep gravity and the mass responses correct. She glitters.

Green woman from the space fleet - Once the spandex uniform is off, this buxom model is green skinned. Hooray!

Something else? People, fucking respond and make suggestions.

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Re: [NSFW] Video Game Design Blog

Postby Rusty » Sat Mar 21, 2015 11:59 am

Here's the current state of the tits. Three layer subsurface scattering with colormaps and normals. Yay. There's room for improvement, but I need to get things working in unity before I do fine tuning or return to making colormap textures, since I have to build a shader node network I'm unity first to see how well this will turn out on that side. Also, a lot of resolution seems to be causing issues in the simulation. I've seen these breasts explode like five times now.

Here you go, 1920 x 1080 for your desktop pleasure.


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