Big bag 'o loot

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Big bag 'o loot

Postby adam » Sat Jan 14, 2017 1:11 am

wooded holy symbol of pharasma
10 foot chain
3 winter blankets
small steel mirror
masterworked silver dagger
Surgeon Tools
3 Manacles
3 plat
phlyactery of faithfulness
6 ten foot polls
amathist 90 gp
fresh water pearl 8 gp
15 gp
3 silver
potion of light
3 potions of light wounds
suit of studded leather
potion of bull strenght
potion of protection from evil
Her Majesty's Nitecap 10gp book
2 vials of silversheen
oil of align weapon
2 padded armor
40 gp
3 creepy knicknaks 50 gp each
3 fancy books 100 gp each
ring bearing a number of keys
magnifingy glass
2 vials of achelmist kindness
2 dose of anit toxin
2 doses of oppium
2 scroll of fox cunning
2 scroll of remove paralisis
inncence of open thoughts
greater talisman of benifical winds
lesser talisman of healing power
lesser talisman of warriors courage
2 vials of smelling salts
candle of spirit protection
capped syringe (potion of cure mod wounds)
book of doctors life work 800 gp
wand of bless 18 charges
6 flasks of alchemist fire
8 lab coats
6 pearls 15 gp each
calling card for sleepless detective agency
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